Using the Enneagram

The Enneagram for Personal and Professional Growth

The Enneagram is a psychological as well as spiritual technology that gives a roadmap of how we can transform ourselves. How we can ask the questions that reach deep inside of us to understand how we can grow love.  It affords us ways to ask questions of ourselves: When and how do I withdraw love from myself and others? Who am I with out my defenses?

The Enneagram offers nine ways to describe how internally and externally these mechanisms work to avoid shame by keeping some of our behaviors dominant, with the side effect of splitting-off vital parts of the self. In a sense, one keeps aspects of oneself in toxic submission, thereby losing the intelligence of that aspect of the self; one has dominated one’s own innate wisdom. The Enneagram identifies these internal conflicts and their impact on the emotional health of the individual. More specifically, shaming interactions within the self compound the separation between the essence of who we are, what we hold dear, and the outside village.  It keeps self -love from conscious interactions.

The Enneagram maps out ways to bring this essence to consciousness by very deftly working with the strategies designed by the personality to protect it. With this roadmap it is easy to help individuals, couples, and groups to unsmother the pearls that the obsessive personality clutched by offering ways to relate to the self without shame.